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Preamble :

This public operating regulation or general terms of sale defines the terms under which travelers use the services of SPM Ferries and provides a framework for the contractual relationship between the company and its customers.

By using the paying transportation services of SPM Ferries’ ships, passengers and loaders (people dropping off packages in the small cargo category, exclusively on the SP/Miquelon and SP/Langlade lines) agree to accept these terms in full, particularly with respect to rates, which determine travelers’ rights and obligations.

All passengers are assumed to have read and understood the general terms of sale. These terms are available on the website and at the ticket offices of the SPM Ferries company.

The contract of carriage entered into between SPM Ferries and the traveler creates no obligation on the part of SPM Ferries as to the proper delivery of the traveler.

In all circumstances, passengers acknowledge that they agree to comply with the orders given by the operations staff, both on the docks and aboard ship.

The operations staff shall not be held liable for consequences, accidents or harm resulting from failure to comply with the orders they were required to give.

General Regulation

Article 1 : Definitions

The term “passenger” applies to people whose name appears on the travel ticket. The term “transporter” refers to the company SPM Ferries.

Article 2 : Applicable rights

This public operating regulation includes the applicable international standards, including the Athens Convention relating to the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea of 1974, amended by the London Protocol of 2002, the International Convention on the Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims of 1976, as amended by the Protocol of 1996, the Brussels Convention of August 25, 1924 for the unification of certain rules of law relating to bills of lading, amended by the Protocols of February 23, 1968 and December 21, 1979 (the Hague-Visby rules), the United Nations Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Sea of 1978 (the Hamburg Rules).

Also applicable is EU Regulation 1177/2010, of the European Parliament and Council of 24 November 2010 concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea.

As the standards defined by these texts are part of the French legal system, the contract of carriage aboard the ships of the company SPM Ferries shall be governed, for both passengers and freight, by French law and by the following provisions, as far as they add to, or depart from, the applicable international or internal standards.

Article 3 : Terms of reservation and sale

3.1 : The different travel tickets

The round-trip ticket : a round-trip ticket bearing the traveler’s name, which corresponds to the purchase of two crossings, one dependent on, and taking place after, the other. This ticket cannot be used as two independent one-way tickets. A round-trip ticket allows the passenger to leave a ferry terminal (port) towards another ferry terminal (port) and to return to the initial terminal.

The one-way ticket : a ticket bearing the traveler’s name, corresponding to the purchase of one crossing from a departure terminal to a destination terminal.

Individual pass card : a travel ticket in the form of a laminated card with the ID photo of the passenger. This card bearing the passenger’s name is available in 10-crossing or 20-crossing denominations. These crossings are independent of one another.

The company pass card : a ticket that works like the individual pass card. It can be created in the name of a company (multi-destination) but only one person may travel with this card per crossing. Two people from the same company wanting to travel together will have to have two different cards.

3.2 : Reservation terms

SPM Ferries accepts unpaid reservations on its ships, but any unpaid reservation will automatically be cancelled 48 hours prior to departure.
The cost of the crossings must be paid in full before transportation is provided.

No unpaid reservation can be made in the 48-hour period preceding the departure.

However, we recommend that you pay for your crossing when you make your reservation to avoid having your reservation cancelled. SPM Ferries reserves the right to revoke the possibility of making unpaid reservation on trips occurring during peak periods or special occasions, without justification (for example, the Miquelon 25 km race).

Those benefiting from a special rate must be able to avail themselves of it before purchasing their tickets and present supporting documents upon making their reservation at the ticket office, or at the boarding checkpoint for those purchasing tickets online.

3.3 : Terms of sale

Rates and terms of sale are established by SPM Ferries. They are made known to travelers through signs in ticket offices and on SPM Ferries’ website. They are transmitted to anyone who requests them (in writing, by e-mail, by phone, etc.). They are subject to change by SPM Ferries without prior notice.
You can buy your travel tickets electronically at our website, by phone, or at the different ticket offices. It is not possible to make unpaid reservations online. You can pay for your trip in euros by all the usual methods of payment: cash, check or bank card.

However, it is important to note that, in the event of a direct purchase at the Fortune ticket office, you will be asked to pay for your transportation in dollars. To avoid waiting at the ticket office, it is highly recommended that you make your transportation reservation through the online ticket office.

The ticket office windows close 15 minutes before departures to Saint-Pierre, Miquelon and Langlade (depending on the ticket office opening hours). At Fortune, the ticket office windows close 30 minutes before departure. No ticket sales are possible after the windows close.

3.4 : Ticket validity

Travel tickets and pass cards are valid for one year from their date of issuance. If all the crossings on the card are not used within the period of validity, the remaining crossings are no longer valid.

3.5 : Cancellations and changes made by the customer

Changes to the time and date of departure shall be made free of charge, subject to availability and only at the ticket office or by phone. Changes cannot be made online.
In case of cancellation of carriage, SPM Ferries will not provide a refund; however, the travel ticket will be valid for one year from its date of purchase.

3.6 : Rates

Transportation rates include port taxes. SPM Ferries reserves the right to pass any tax hike (passenger tax, port tax, etc.) on to the price of the travel ticket without prior notice. The price indicated on unpaid reservations is provided for informational purposes only; the amount payable is the total indicated on the day of payment, at the prevailing exchange rate.

3.7 Loss or theft of a travel ticket

In the event of the loss or theft of a travel ticket or any other similar event, the passenger must purchase a new travel ticket.

In the event of the loss or theft of a pass card or any other similar event, the passenger must purchase a new card reloaded with their remaining crossings at the rate in effect posted in the ticket offices.

Article 4 : Terms of carriage

4.1 : Boarding rules

Only passengers holding a travel ticket may report to the boarding gate in the ferry terminal. Travel tickets are: the different forms of paper tickets (ticket or A4-size printout), boarding pass, ticket presented on your cell phone (as long as the barcode is fully visible).

Passengers who purchased their ticket online but did not print out their travel ticket and have no other means of presenting their ticket are required to go to the ticket office to get their travel ticket.
Passengers with pass cards who reserved their crossing may go directly to the boarding gate with their pass card. A passenger who arrives at the boarding gate with a currently valid pass card but has not reserved a place will not be allowed to board.

Passengers must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time to begin the boarding process for domestic service, as well as for departures from Saint-Pierre to Fortune. However, when departing from Fortune, passengers with travel tickets must arrive at the ferry terminal one hour before the scheduled departure time.

4.2  Schedule changes and terms of reimbursement

Departures may take place earlier or later than the scheduled departure times for operational reasons. SPM Ferries reserves the right to cancel or postpone departures without prior notice due to circumstances beyond its control.

4.2.1 Cancellations and changes to departure and arrival schedules

SPM Ferries shall not be held liable in the event of a change in schedule or itinerary, a delay, a detour or a cancellation of a departure due to force majeure, unforeseen circumstances, damage, adverse weather conditions, strikes, or other reasons. SPM Ferries disclaims any liability as to the consequences resulting from these events, and any direct and indirect expenses incurred (hotel, restaurant, transportation, etc.) in relation to these events shall not be paid.

SPM Ferries agrees to do its utmost to transport passengers with due diligence on the scheduled itineraries. The Captain of the ship may modify or eliminate the trip or stops provided for on the travel ticket in cases of necessity, for which is the sole judge, for safety considerations, to offer or provide assistance in order to save human lives or property. The departure and arrival schedules, the itineraries of the ships and the scheduled stops may therefore be changed without notice and without passengers’ being able to avail themselves of any damages resulting from such changes in order to receive an indemnity.

4.2.2 Right to information

All passengers have the right to adequate information throughout the duration of their trip. This right includes being informed of passengers’ rights and of the contact information of the national enforcement bodies (French and Canadian), and of the terms of access to transportation for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility.

Trip information is available on SPM Ferries’ website:

When making a reservation, passengers are asked for their e-mail address so that they can be contacted and so that travel-related information can be sent to them.

As the information is available on SPM Ferries’ website and in e-mails sent to passengers, SPM Ferries shall not be held liable for failure to provide information, if the customer cannot be reached by e-mail or does not have access to SPM Ferries’ website.

4.2.3 The right to non-discriminatory contract conditions

Every passenger has the right not to be discriminated against, directly or indirectly, based on their nationality or the place of the establishment of the carrier or the ticket vendor when purchasing travel tickets from SPM Ferries.

4.2.4 Right to care and assistance

In the event of a delay longer than 90 minutes or cancellation of a passenger service or cruise, and where reasonably possible, passengers shall be offered, free of charge, snacks, meals or refreshments, taking the length of delay into account, when possible.

When the delay or cancellation of a departure, for any reason other than weather conditions endangering the safe operation of the ship, necessitates one or more additional nights of stay for the passenger, she or he shall be offered adequate accommodations free of charge ashore, as well as transportation to and from the ferry terminal and the place of accommodation, if this is deemed necessary and possible.

Where SPM Ferries furnishes proof that the cancellation or delay is due to weather conditions endangering the safe operation of the ship, SPM Ferries is relieved of the obligation of offering free lodging.

The passenger is not entitled to assistance by SPM Ferries if he or she was informed of the cancellation or delay before the purchase of the ticket or where the cancellation or delay is caused by the fault of the passenger.

4.2.5 Departure delay of more than 90 minutes and cancellation of the transportation service

In the event of a delay of more than 90 minutes as compared to the scheduled time of departure or the cancellation of a passenger service for any cause other than weather conditions endangering the safe operation of the ship, passengers have the right to obtain a reimbursement of the round-trip ticket price.

4.2.6 Right to request partial reimbursement of the ticket price in the event of a delay in arrival to the final destination :

Passengers may request the reimbursement of :

  • 25% of the ticket price from SPM Ferries where the delay in arrival to the final destination exceeds one hour;
  • 50% of the ticket price from SPM Ferries where the delay in arrival at the final destination exceeds two hours.

However, SPM Ferries is relieved of the obligation to pay compensation to passengers, in the event of delay in arrival, if they prove that the delay is due to weather conditions endangering the safe operation of the ship or to extraordinary circumstances preventing them from carrying out the passenger transportation service, which could not have been avoided even if reasonable measures had been taken.

4.2.7  Cancellation of an outbound trip not attributable to weather conditions

The company shall endeavor to find an alternative solution internally (transportation via another of its ships, if possible). If no alternative solution can be found, or if the customer refuses to use the solution offered, the company will offer to reimburse the return-trip ticket. Passengers will not be able to claim any other compensation or reimbursement of possible cancellation charges for lodging or other services reserved at the destination location.

4.2.8 Cancellation of the return trip not attributable to weather conditions

The company shall endeavor to find an alternative solution internally (transportation via another of its ships). If no alternative solution can be found, the company shall bear the cost of repatriating the passengers with another company, subject to availability. If a stay of one or more nights is necessary, the company shall bear the cost of the lodging expenses up to a maximum of €80 per person per night for a maximum of 3 nights. Round-trip transportation fees between the port (or airport) will also be borne by the company. Please keep all your proofs of payment, which you will have to attach to the request for reimbursement that you send to the company when you return. Passengers shall be responsible for restaurant charges.

4.2.9 Reimbursement in exceptional cases

SPM Ferries does not reimburse travel tickets in the event that a trip is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. However, if a customer furnishes proof that he or she is unable to use their travel ticket during the period of validity of the ticket, reimbursement remains at the discretion of the company.

In the event of a cancellation followed by the reimbursement of sightseeing tour tickets by the Direction Patrimoine Sport Culture, the round-trip travel ticket purchased on this occasion shall be reimbursed.

4.3. Rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility:

Apart from the general passengers’ rights, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility have the following rights, which ensure that they have the right to transportation on an equal footing with other passengers:

  • a) right to access to transportation for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility without any discrimination

A disabled person cannot be refused a reservation, a ticket or the right to embark on the grounds of his or her disability or reduced mobility.

However, SPM Ferries cannot transport persons with reduced mobility on the ship Jeune France, which is exempt from its legal obligation, as it is not possible to transport a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility aboard this ship for safety reasons and because of the impossibility of embarking and disembarking due to the design of the ship, as well as the port’s infrastructure and equipment, which do not allow us to offer adequate transportation to the person concerned.

Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility who have a travel ticket for the ship Jeune France and who have notified the carrier of their specific needs are offered a reimbursement of their travel ticket.

Carriers may not ask disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility to pay a higher cost for a reservation or a ticket. Tickets and reservations issued by SPM Ferries offer disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility the same conditions as for other passengers. SPM Ferries ensures nondiscriminatory access conditions for the transport of disabled persons, persons with reduced mobility and accompanying persons.

  • b) right to special assistance

Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility have the right to free-of-charge assistance by SPM Ferries and its agents in ports and aboard ships, including help during embarking and disembarking.

Disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility must notify SPM Ferries or its agent, at the time of the reservation or advance purchase of the ticket, of their specific needs regarding seating, services or the need to bring medical equipment. For any other assistance, the disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility must notify SPM Ferries or its agent, at least 48 hours in advance, and must arrive at an agreed-upon time, before the published boarding time, at a designated place.

  • c) right to compensation in the event that mobility equipment or any other specific equipment is lost or damaged

If SPM Ferries has caused the mobility equipment or other specific equipment used by a disabled person or person with reduced mobility to be lost or damaged, compensation corresponding to the replacement value of the equipment concerned will be paid to the person concerned, or where it is possible to repair the equipment, the repair costs will be paid for.

  • d) Right to submit a complaint to carriers and national enforcement bodies

Passengers may submit complaints to SPM Ferries within two months of the date on which the service was provided or of the date on which it was supposed to have been provided.

As SPM Ferries has a complaint-handling procedure, the passenger will be informed within one month of the receipt of the complaint whether it has been upheld, rejected or still being reviewed. A final response will be given to the passenger no later than two months from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Passengers may submit complaints about alleged infringements to (EU) Regulation No. 1177/2010 to national enforcement bodies.

Article 5 : Legal remedies

The enforcement of the provisions of this regulation shall not prevent passengers from claiming damages before national courts in accordance with national law in compensation for damages resulting from the cancellation or delay of transport services.

Article 6 : Transportation of minor children

Minor children travel under the supervision and full responsibility of the parents (or the adult) who are responsible for them. SPM Ferries shall refuse to transport unaccompanied minor children under the age of fourteen on its ships.

In accordance with the regulation in force with respect to international maritime transportation travel, children under the age of 14 are not allowed to travel alone on round-trip travel to Canada.

With respect to inter-island trips, minors under the age of 14 must automatically be accompanied by an adult responsible for the child during the crossing.

In all cases, the name of the person accompanying the minor child must appear on the minor child’s travel ticket, from the moment the ticket is purchased.

In addition, in accordance with current legislation, any minor not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must travel with an exit authorization permit. This permit can be downloaded at the “Travel document” tab on SPM Ferries’ website and on official sites.

Article 7: Baggage

The term “baggage” refers to any object or set of objects usually brought with a person during a trip. Live animals, large, bulky or oversized objects, and commercial goods are not considered as baggage. On the Miquelon/Langlade and Fortune lines, each passenger can transport, free of charge, 2 pieces of personal luggage, each weighing no more than 23 kg, with no redistribution allowed among passengers.

On the Miquelon/Langlade line, excess baggage is taxed at the freight rate (according to the current rate). This excess baggage will be accepted subject to available space.

On the Fortune line, outside the two pieces of personal luggage, any excess baggage constituting freight will not be taken on.

Passengers must prepare all their baggage properly and SPM FERRIES will not be held liable for loss, damage or expenses resulting from the passenger’s failure to comply with this rule.

SPM Ferries reserves the right to refuse luggage that is not properly prepared and labelled or that is visibly damaged. Passengers are responsible for storing their luggage aboard ship and for removing luggage they have brought with them. Passengers must also make sure that their luggage does not block escape routes or prevent access to safety equipment. Passengers must place their luggage on the racks designed for this purpose and follow the instructions of the crew, if requested.

Luggage and personal effects remain under the care and supervision of passengers during the crossing. Therefore, SPM Ferries disclaims any liability for the theft, disappearance, loss or damage affecting these items of luggage or personal effects.

Likewise, SPM Ferries shall not be liable for loss, damage or expenses related to luggage or other personal goods left behind on its premises or aboard its ships.

Luggage must not contain flammable (including matches), explosive or corrosive materials, firearms (loaded or not), or any other hazardous product that could give rise to undue risk.

Hunting rifles must be disassembled in such a way as to ensure optimal safety during loading and unloading operations. They must be declared and left with the crew at the time of embarkation; they will then be stored in a locked compartment for the duration of the crossing. (ISPS code).

SPM Ferries reserves the right to inspect firearm carrier bags at any time.

Bicycles are considered accompanying baggage and ships can transport a maximum of 10 bicycles per trip. It is important to make a reservation for your bicycle to ensure that it will be transported. SPM Ferries reserves the right to unilaterally decide whether to authorize bicycles or not on the trips in question.

Article 8 : Unaccompanied packages and baggage

SPM Ferries accepts unaccompanied packages and baggage on the Saint-Pierre/Miquelon and Saint-Pierre/Langlade lines. Unaccompanied packages and baggage must be properly packaged and must mention the contact information of the sender and recipient. An improperly packaged parcel and/or any parcel with poorly written contact information may also be refused at embarkation by the staff of SPM Ferries. No reimbursement and/or transfer of transportation date would be permitted in such cases.
Unaccompanied packages and baggage are the responsibility of the sender until they are placed aboard the ship by the staff of SPM Ferries.

SPM Ferries may be held liable only for damage to packages or baggage that occurs while on the crossing, owing to fault or negligence, if it is proven that the fault or negligence lies with SPM Ferries.

SPM Ferries may not incur liability if the damage results from the absence of packaging or defective packaging.

Unaccompanied packages or baggage cannot exceed the following dimensions: 60 cm X 60 cm X 60 cm.

The maximum weight permitted is 23 kg.
If there is space available and/or in emergency situations, packages whose size or weight is greater than the above restrictions but still reasonable, may be transported if a request is made at the ticket office.

The owner of an object which was abandoned after leaving it unattended may not claim indemnity from SPM Ferries.

SPM Ferries cannot be held liable for unaccompanied packages or baggage once they are unloaded and placed on the dock.

No claim for loss, breakage, theft or related grounds shall be accepted by SPM Ferries once the package has been unloaded from the ship.

Note: persons travelling with packages intended for sale must legalize the transportation of these packages. Such packages are not comparable to accompanied baggage, but rather to merchandise.

Article 9 : Safety, behavior and conduct of passengers

Passengers are subject to the discipline of the ship and are under the authority of the Captain of the ship. As such, passengers must comply with all the relevant regulations and instructions developed or given by SPM Ferries, the Captain or crew members.

In particular, passengers must wait to receive instructions from the staff of SPM Ferries before embarking or disembarking.

SPM Ferries, via the Captain of the ship, can refuse access to the ship to passengers whose attitude or behavior is not compatible with respect for the safety of the other passengers or the ship or is likely to be detrimental to public order. In this case, no refund or change of departure date will be possible.

Passengers shall, by their deeds, actions and behavior, refrain from violating the generally recognized rules of hygiene, civil behavior and etiquette, which, when complied with, contribute to the quality of the service provided.

Specifically, passengers shall refrain from disturbing the tranquility of the other passengers and the crew with songs, arguments, improper gestures or aggressive remarks, and shall refrain from using any type of sound-producing instrument on board or on the embarkation platform.

Passengers who are clearly intoxicated will not be allowed on board. Alcohol and drug use are strictly prohibited on board the ship.

To these ends, in the event that the Captain expels a passenger or refuses to allow them to board, the passenger’s ticket will not be refunded.

Article 10 : Transporting hazardous or illegal goods

The transport of hazardous goods on passenger ships is strictly regulated.
SPM Ferries does not allow any hazardous goods to be transported on its ships, such as fuel, combustible, explosive, corrosive, toxic or poisonous goods, etc.

SPM Ferries does not agree to transport any materials or objects whose possession is subject to criminal prosecution.

Any passenger who brings on board the ship prohibited hazardous products, unbeknownst to the crew, may be subject to legal proceedings without prejudice to any other damages or penalties provided by the applicable laws.

Packages identified as suspicious by staff on board shall be searched in the presence of the sender and/or in accordance with the international security code (ISPS code), by the same staff members before they are brought on board.

Article 11 : Damage to persons or property

As indicated in article L5121 of the French Transportation Code, the limitations of liability applicable to the carrier following damage caused aboard the ship or directly related to the navigation or use of the ship, are those established by the 1976 Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, drawn up in London on November 19, 1976, amended.

Both for damage to persons and their property and for damage to freight, SPM Ferries can be held liable for damages sustained during embarking and disembarking operations only in accordance with the limits and conditions provided in the applicable legislation. SPM Ferries, in its capacity as a maritime transporter, is entitled to claim the exemptions from liability provided for by current international or internal standards.

These laws may be disclosed upon request.

Article 12: Transportation of pets

Pets may be transported at no charge. As such, pets travel under the responsibility of their owner, who must take every measure to avoid incidents. Each pet must be transported in an individual, approved cage that is in good condition. The use of plastic cages is preferred to wire ones because they are more effective against pet waste and attacks.

In situations where the cages are unsatisfactory or where more than one animal is in the same cage, crew members may refuse to allow these animals on board.

No reimbursement of travel tickets shall be granted to owners of such pets wishing to cancel their trip.

Crew members are the sole judges in assessing the size of a dog admitted aboard the ship, if ever this factor should be a problem. Likewise, crew members may refuse to allow on board any animals that they deem likely to pose a risk for passengers. Travel tickets shall not be reimbursed or exchanged for the passenger who had planned to be accompanied by such an animal.

The transportation of exotic pets (reptiles, etc.) is authorized provided that the animal is placed in a cage or transported by any other method that keeps them confined throughout the trip.

The carriage of animals protected by the Washington convention is prohibited aboard SPM Ferries ships.

A pet’s being allowed aboard ship in no way releases the passenger responsible for the animal from liability in case of an attack or damage of any nature caused by this animal.

The above terms also concern cats and other small pets.

Any damage caused to the ship, its equipment, other passengers or to third parties by a passenger or by people or animals under their supervision will be the sole responsibility of the passenger.
The passenger will have to repair all damages identified, notwithstanding any other damages that could be claimed by the transporter or third parties concerned.

In addition, SPM Ferries disclaims all liability in the event that animals are lost or cages are broken or damaged.

Owners are expected to properly close the cages in which the animal will be contained during the crossing. SPM Ferries disclaims all liability in the event that one animal attacks another during the crossing or in the event that an animal escapes.

Animals are not allowed in the cabin, with the exception of guide dogs, which must be brought to our attention at the time the travel ticket reservation is made.

Animals travelling alone are considered as freight.

The ships can transport a limited number of cages; therefore, it is necessary to reserve your space to guarantee that your animal will be transported. A claim for reimbursement of a ticket will not be validated if an animal is not allowed aboard.

Article 13 : Accepting freight

In the summer season, commercial freight is not accepted on round-trip voyages:

– Departing from Saint-Pierre on Friday evening;

– Departing from Miquelon on Sunday evening.

SPM Ferries reserves the right to refuse commercial freight on any other round-trip voyage, without prior notice. Large volumes of freight will be accepted based on the space available on board ship.

Article 14 : Provisions related to the continuation of travel

With respect to Miquelon/Fortune via Saint-Pierre round-trip voyages made during a single day: for this trip via Saint-Pierre, passengers are entitled to a free ticket for the Miquelon/Saint-Pierre portion in order to benefit from the same rates as the residents of Saint-Pierre.

In the event that the Cabestan is cancelled, users may use their free travel ticket on the Miquelon/Saint-Pierre via Langlade portion.

However, users will be responsible for pre- and post-carriage costs.

Article 15 : Settlement of disputes

In case of a dispute arising out of the contract of carriage or related to it, and if the parties do not settle through negotiation all the issues in dispute or some of them, they agree to submit the issues in dispute to binding arbitration in accordance with the specific terms of arbitration set out in the annex of the contract of carriage.

As provided for in article R5421-1 of the French Transportation Code,

“Actions arising out of the passenger contract of carriage are brought before either the competent authorities according to the rules of common law, or before the court at the port of embarkation or the court at the port of debarkation, if it is located on the territory of the French Republic.”

The ticket office staff does not have the authority to grant reimbursements. Requests for reimbursements must be made by sending a letter to the following address: SPM Ferries, BP 4208, 2 Place Mgr Maurer, 97500 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, and sent within 15 days of the date of the cruise.

Article 16 : Validity of the Regulation

This public operating regulation takes effect on the June 1st 2017 and repeals the regulation in force up to this date.

Stéphane ARTANO.
President of the Territorial Collectivity