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Jeune France deck
A puffin
Jeune France deck

Leaving from the Port of Saint-Pierre, the ship Jeune France will bring you on a trip to explore the flora and fauna of our archipelago.

You’ll benefit from our guide’s informative comments as you discover the migratory birds of Grand Colombier Island, the seals on the coast of Langlade, the Pointe Plate lighthouse and marine mammals.


Four tours are offered:

  • Grand Colombier guided tour

    Duration: 1½ hours
  • Cap Percé guided tour

    Duration: 2½ hours
  • Pointe Plate sea cruise

    Duration: 4½ hours
  • Marine Wildlife tour
    Duration: 1½ hours

On tours lasting 2½ hours or more, passengers will be offered a snack consisting of a hot beverage and a pastry.

Calendar of the 2022 season tours:

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