Travel documents

Admission to the territory

The general scheme governing the movement of foreigners stipulates that:

“holders of a Canadian identification document are exempted from carrying a passport or visa for stays of under 90 days per 180-day period.”

List of documents accepted for admission to our territory under the above-mentioned conditions (these documents must be currently valid):

  • a passport
  • a regular driver’s license
  • a regular ID card
  • a Certificate of Indian Status issued after December 15, 2009
  • a permanent resident card

The following documents are not accepted:

  • a citizenship certificate
  • a school or student card
  • a health insurance certificate, with or without photo (Quebec-Ontario)
  • a social insurance – MCP card
  • a birth or baptismal certificate


If you want to bring a pet with you to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, please read the document at this link:

Conditions for bringing pets into the territory

Firearms transportation between Saint-Pierre, Miquelon and Langlade

SPM Ferries informs its passengers that firearms and ammunitions transportation is regulated.

Firearms have to be transported so that they are not immediately useable. They must be placed within a soft or rigid holster. In each and every case, firearms have to be unloaded and declared during the purchase of the ticket. In addition, weapons belonging to walk-on passengers travelling aboard the ferries must be given to the operation service before entering the ferry terminal. Regarding the trips of the Jeune France, firearms and ammunitions have to be given to the crew. Firearms must never enter the ferry terminal.

Moreover, we advise you ammunitions are dangerous products. Just like any firearms, they have to be declared to the operation service who will take care of them.

Ammunitions transported inside vehicles will not be moved.

For everyone’s safety, SPM Ferries reserves the rights to verify the holsters at any time. We thank you for your understanding.

You can pick up the declaration at our various selling point or download it online by clicking here.

Importing fresh foods, plants and animals to Canada

If you wish to bring fresh foods, plants or animals into Canada, please read the information at the following link carefully:

Automated Import Reference System (AIRS)

Exiting the territory

The requirement for a minor not accompanied by a person holding parental authority to have an exit authorization permit (AST/autorisation de sortie du territoire) was reintroduced on January 15, 2017. This new measure applies to all minors whose ordinary place of residence is France. It also applies to all trips, taken individually and in a group (school trip, vacation camps, language program stays, etc.) involving a minor leaving French territory without being accompanied by a person holding parental authority.

More information available on the website

More information for children travelling to Canada

The Saint-Pierre and Miquelon tourism website offers practical information to ensure that entering and leaving the Islands goes smoothly!

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