Our Fleet

Our ferries : The NORDET and SUROÎT vessels

One of our ferries : The Nordnet vessel
The Nordet vessel
One of our ferries : The Suroit vessel
The Suroit vessel
Comfort on board
Comfort on board

The NORDET and SUROÎT vessels are ROPAX vessels with a capacity of 188 passengers and 18 vehicles.
The crew of each ship is composed of 8 qualified sailors.
These ships make regular connections between St. Pierre, Miquelon and Fortune.

New this year, SPM Ferries travels between Fortune and Miquelon non-stop in Saint-Pierre to facilitate transportation to Miquelon from Canada and twice a week in high season.

Starting in July, you will find a hot and cold drinks counter, as well as sweets. The SPM Ferries team wishes you a pleasant trip aboard the NORDET AND SUROÎT ships.

Overall length: 56,70 m
Width: 10,80 m
Tonnage: Gross / Net 768 UMS / 230 UMS
Propulsion mode: Diesel
Propulsive power: 4 x 1081kW
Auxiliary powers: 4 x 99 kW
Number and type of propellers: 4 fixed blade propellers
Speed in use: 20.5 knots
Number of people
expected on board:
crew : 8
passengers : 188
Number of cars
expected on board:
18 cars
Category of navigation: 3rd
Type of navigation: International

The Jeune France

Guided tour with the Jeune France
The Jeune France Command Post
Benches on the deck of the Jeune France ship

The Jeune France is a passenger ship that can accommodate up to 120 passengers. It requires a 3-member crew. This ship provides service between Saint-Pierre and Langlade. There is no dock on the island of Langlade. Passengers and their luggage are brought by zodiac to the shore. There is no food service provided aboard the ship. Passengers are invited to take advantage of the outdoor seating to enjoy the scenery. This ship is also used for guided tours and sea cruises.
An authentic crossing awaits you!

Length overall: 19.25 meters
Gross tonnage: 75 UMS
Engines: Baudouin 6 S111 SRP
Propulsion power: 2 X 300 CV
Propulsion : 2 fixed-pitch propellers
Type of navigation: Coastal