Depending on its size and weight, luggage will need to be transported on the vessels NORDET and SUROIT either:

– In the cabin, each passenger may carry on one bag whose dimensions do not exceed 55 cm X 35 cm X 25 cm and whose weight does not exceed 10 kg (luggage exceeding these limits will be placed on luggage carts) and one personal item such as a handbag, laptop computer, or camera.  Luggage and personal items will remain under the supervision and custody of passengers during the crossing. SPM Ferries declines responsibility, consequently, in case of loss, theft or damage of luggage or personal items even when placed in the designated places.

– On luggage carts, provided to passengers after validation of their ticket, to place their luggage, under their sole responsibility. Each piece of luggage may not exceed 75 cm X 50 cm X 30 cm in size and 23 kg in weight.


All luggage must have identification tags bearing the name and address of the owner. SPM Ferries accepts no responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage caused by other luggage.

Goods that have been left on luggage carts unbeknownst to Company staff may subject to check-in in good and due form based on current rates. Carts are reserved exclusively for passengers of SPM Ferries. Company staff is responsible for enforcing these transport terms and conditions  Packages that do not meet the weight and dimensions of luggage (bulky or voluminous packages) must be checked in as cargo.

The Saint-Pierre ticket office offers a paid left-luggage service during its business hours. This service is offered to all “SPM Ferries” passengers under the following conditions:
-The ticket must be presented to the SPM Ferries agent in order to verify that the passenger is on the list of passengers departing for Saint-Pierre.
-The luggage must be locked and labeled with the passenger’s name;
-The left-luggage office is open to the passenger the day of departure to Saint-Pierre and until closing time of the Saint-Pierre ticket office;
-Carry-on luggage is not allowed in the left-luggage office;

In addition, the passenger remains responsible for his/her luggage and its contents. 
The passenger must ensure that his luggage does not contain any valuables (passport, bank card, jewelry), for which he/she is responsible and for which SPM Ferries accepts no responsibility in case of theft, burglary, or forgotten or damaged luggage.