The term « baggage » refers to any object or set of objects usually brought with a person during a trip.
Live animals, large, bulky or oversized objects, and commercial goods are not considered as baggage.

Each passenger can transport, free of charge, 2 pieces of personal luggage, each weighing no more than 23 kg, with no redistribution of this weight allowed among passengers.
Excess baggage is taxed at the unaccompanied baggage/freight rate.

Any parcel weighing over 23 kilograms and/or having dimensions larger than those authorized must carry a freight transport ticket which may be purchased at the following rates:

  • 1 euro for a package weighing less than 10 kg
  • 3 euros for a package weighing over 10 kg

Passengers must prepare all their baggage properly and SPM FERRIES will not be held liable for loss, damage or expenses resulting from a passenger’s failure to comply with this rule.

SPM Ferries reserves the right to refuse luggage that is not properly prepared and labelled or that is visibly damaged. Passengers are responsible for storing their luggage aboard ship and for removing luggage they have brought with them. Passengers must also make sure that their luggage does not block escape routes or prevent access to safety equipment. Passengers must place their luggage on the racks designed for this purpose and follow the instructions of the crew, if requested.

Luggage and personal effects remain under the care and supervision of passengers during the crossing. Therefore, SPM Ferries disclaims any liability for the theft, disappearance, loss or damage affecting these items of luggage or personal effects.

Likewise, SPM Ferries shall not be liable for loss, damage or expenses related to luggage or other personal goods left behind on its premises or aboard its ships.
Luggage must not contain flammable (including matches), explosive or corrosive materials, firearms (loaded or not), or any other hazardous product that could give rise to undue risk.

Hunting rifles must be disassembled in such a way as to ensure optimal safety during loading and unloading operations. They must be declared and left with the crew at the time of embarkation; they will then be stored in a locked compartment for the duration of the crossing. (ISPS code).
SPM Ferries reserves the right to inspect firearm carrier bags at any time.

Bicycles are not considered as accompanying baggage; however, we make allowance for a maximum of 10 bicycles per trip aboard our ships, with the exception of certain routes during events such as the Miquelon 25 km race, the seafood festival, etc. SPM Ferries reserves the right to unilaterally decide whether or not to authorize bicycles on the routes in question.